It remains the responsibility of the client to communicate any problems whatsoever to the PC-World Computers Support Center at the head office, Bukoto Street. You can call or physically visit our quick responsive Customer Service Center. All goods received from the client whereby information is involved (PC’s with user data), will be strictly confidential. PS (It is strongly recommended that regular backups be done by the client).

GET ALL THE SUPPORT from our well equiped Customer Support Center by phone, email or set a repair reservation date with our experts anytime from Monday to Saturday* (9am to 5pm). Incase of replacements, we boast a stocked store for original parts and in the event, the replacement is out of stock, we place an order on your behalf and proceed to replace once it is shipped.

PC-World Computers Customer
Support Center services;
• Warranty information & queries
• Troubleshooting
• Repair & Replace
Contact our technicians today;
Hotline: +256 414 543 447

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